How do you brand packaging?

branded packaging stickers
One of the important elements of packaging that can be overlooked is ensuring that the branding is up to scratch. People often forget that your packaging is an ideal opportunity to market your business and it doesn’t need to be complicated.

A common misconception is that it has to be expensive to brand your packaging. There are multiple ways that you can do this easily and effectively to ensure that you are making the most of the marketing opportunities. 


One of the easiest and most effective ways of branding your packaging is by printing. What do we mean by printing on your packaging? Well, here at Complete Packaging we are experts in corrugated packaging and we know that you can print designs on your cardboard in order to personalise and brand it. If you think about one of the biggest retailers in the world, Amazon, they famously use corrugated packaging and every single one of their boxes is branded with Amazon tick. So, everybody always knows that it is, without a doubt, an amazon package. Easy, clever branding right? 


Another very easy way and relatively cheap way to make sure your packaging has a bit of branding to spruce it up, is by using stickers. By stickers, we don’t mean your kid’s craft box collection, but rather branded, custom made stickers that show off your business. Creating something generic that can be used on packaging of pretty much any size is a really effective and simple way of shouting about your business. You can either use the stickers decoratively or you can use it to seal a box or a package - that way the sticker has a practical use as well as a marketing one. To give you an example of stickers and adhesive labels being used on packaging, think about the supermarket. So many items in the supermarket are packaged with stickers on them to ensure that the branding is there (but that the packaging isn’t too complicated or expensive). 

Packaging tape

Your packaging has to be sealed, right? So why not brand the seal? Once you start looking out for branded packaging tape, you’ll be surprised at how much you see. Packaging tape can often feel like an inconvenience when making your packaging look nice as it can feel boring and is often just brown. However, if you focus on branding your packaging tape so that it can be used to seal all your packages, you have instantly revamped the look and feel on your deliveries!


Another easy win to add an extra touch to your packaging is by including inserts. By this, we don’t mean horrible promotional leaflets that just get chucked in the bin, but a nice personalised note or information about other products or upcoming offers that could genuinely interest and benefit the customer. 

Above all focus on the quality of your packaging. We have stressed the benefits of branding your packaging from a marketing perspective but it’s no use branding everything if your items are delivered to your customers damaged. Having high-quality packaging along with quick delivery times and good customer service is some of the best ‘branding’ you can give your packaging. 

Here are Complete Packaging we offer a comprehensive range of packaging and fulfilment services and we’d be happy to help you deliver high-quality packaging, branded for your business so get in touch.

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