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Our packaging and labelling services create bespoke designs for each client, meeting specific requirements and effectively promoting products in various retail environments.

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Bespoke Packaging (Hands drawing)

From start-up to large multinational we can help you create bespoke packaging that will make your brand stand out and wow your customers.

Computer Aided Design (CAD Service)

Our high tech CAD services help us to bring your specific needs and designs to life. This technology makes the design process as smooth as possible.

It is important to bring your visions to life during the design process so that the final design is as successful as possible.
Our role is to fully understand you specific needs and bring them to life with the sample produced on the CAD. From here we can begin to home in on the final design which will ultimately be produced.

It is important to bring your visions to life during the design process so that the final design is as successful as possible.

Retail Packaging Services

Our packaging and labelling services create bespoke designs for each client, meeting specific requirements to promote their products in the best possible way.

With many years of experience in the retail packaging domain, we have an appreciation of what works, and what doesn’t, in a retail environment.

This is crucial to yours and our success. The ability to know what will work in a specific area for the right product is key in our role of designing all forms of packaging.

We can create anything from free standing display units (FSDUs) to counter display units (CDUs) for any retail space from crowded supermarkets to independent corner shops. 

Point of Sale

An efficient Point of Sale (POS) system can make all the difference to your business. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so it is imperative to get this right.

When a brand wants to express itself, the point of sale is often one of the first areas to consider. Our knowledge of this area and close working relationship with all of our customers helps us in designing and producing some truly eye-catching results! A point of sale, or POS, is the place where a customer pays for your products or services.

Promotional Packaging Services

Our team are experts in promotional packaging and always strive to improve your marketing and promotional campaigns as much as possible with our creative solutions.

Having spent many years working with many of the most successful marketing & advertising agencies in the country, our ability to take a brief and create unique, engaging and eye-catching forms of packaging and point of sale has become a real testament to the depth of our credibility.

Promotional packaging is all about making your product stand out from the crowd. This can be due to a unique shaped box, innovative packaging solutions, creative packaging design and much more.

Creative Packaging Solutions

We embrace every challenge.

Here at Complete Packaging we are always tasked with developing and designing new and innovative packaging designs. Working with over 200 different agencies over a 20-year period, we feel we've helped a fair few so far.

We have worked with well-known brands for multiple years including Vodafone, Sennhesier, Moonpig, and Photobox to come up with some innovative packaging solutions.

Corrugated Packaging Services

Plain, printed, internal sections - there's so much more to corrugated packaging than a simple box or carton! Test us and challenge us to design you something incredible with corrugated packaging!

There are many types of packaging and our work in the corrugated area can often be just as eye catching and creative as other forms we work with.

There is a common misconception that they cannot, but with the right design, they definitely can.

With endless constructional options and a team of superb design specialists never underestimate just how good your corrugated packaging can look.
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Produced bespoke packaging for Vodafone, Boots & WHSmith


Bespoke packaging solutions to fit your business


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Can you create packaging for any type of product?

Yes, our expertise covers a wide range of products. Whether you need packaging for retail, promotional items, or unique creative products, we can design packaging that suits your requirements and makes your product stand out.
How does the CAD Service improve the design process?

Our advanced CAD services play a crucial role in visualising and bringing your specific packaging and labelling needs to life. This technology smoothens the design process, allowing for precise and accurate representations of the final product before it's produced.
How do you ensure the safety and integrity of fragile items?

Our highly trained and experienced staff take utmost care in handling, packaging, and sending out your products. We understand the cost implications of damaged goods and strive to minimise this risk by using appropriate packaging materials and techniques.