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Man distributing or delivering products

Getting your products to your customers at the right time is essential. We have all the procedures in place to ensure that our distribution services run as efficiently as possible.

Late cut-off times

Late cut off times for distribution can be really important during busy times and we understand the importance of these for many ecommerce and seasonal businesses.

Excellent shipping rates

Our positive and long standing relationships with couriers means that we can provide the best shipping rates for our clients. This is something that we pride ourselves in and also strive to get the best possible price for you.

Real time tracking

For many businesses, it is imperative to know what you’ve got and where it is - this is why we offer high-tech and accurate real time tracking as an option for all our clients. Complete Packaging has been doing this for over 20 years so we understand your needs and requirements. 

Global couriers and freight distribution

We understand that the ecommerce world is global and for that reason we aren’t limited to national distribution. Our experts understand the difficulties and intricacies of international shipping and distribution and ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for all of our clients.

Tailored solutions

Here at Complete Packaging and Fulfilment, we understand that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution for fulfilment and distribution services so we offer tailored solutions and options for your business. If you have varying seasonal requirements or specific requirements, we can find the best solution that works for your business.

Strong courier relationships

We offer integration with a wide range of couriers here at Complete Packaging and Fulfilment. Our strong relationship with couriers is one of the biggest advantages of using us as your 3PL. We are well connected which means that not only do you have different options but you also benefit from the relationships that make fulfilment fast and efficient.

We believe that your business deserves more, which is why we offer a dependable, high-quality service. Our delivery and distribution solutions are made to deliver the best service at the lowest price.

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Why use Complete Fulfilment for your distribution?

  • Improved delivery options for your customers
  • Stress-free distribution service
  • Accurate, effective and on-time distribution
  • Savings on your distribution costs
Is there a minimum volume of products required to use your distribution services?
We offer flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you have a small or large volume of products, we can tailor our distribution services to meet your needs.

Do you offer international distribution services?

We provide global distribution services, navigating through the complexities of international shipping to ensure a smooth process for all clients.

How do you handle the distribution of fragile or perishable items?
We have specialised procedures and equipment to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of fragile or perishable items.

Contact us for more details.

How can I get started?
Simply give us a call at 01491 832 222 or get in touch via our contact form, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your distribution needs.
Are there any restrictions on the types of goods you can distribute?
Yes, while we strive to accommodate a wide range of products, there are certain restrictions based on safety, legality, and logistical factors.

We cannot handle:

- Hazardous materials that require special handling or transportation licenses, such as flammable liquids, corrosive substances, or toxic chemicals.
- Perishable goods that need refrigeration or freezing, unless specifically arranged for in our specialised logistics solutions.
- Illegal items or goods prohibited by law in the country of origin, transit, or destination.
- Oversized or extremely heavy items that exceed our handling and transportation capabilities.
- Live animals or endangered species protected by international regulations.

Can you handle product returns, and how do you process them?
Yes, we manage product returns as part of our fulfilment services.

Returns are processed according to your guidelines—inspecting items for damage, restocking undamaged goods, and managing exchanges or refunds.

Our system also provides insights into return patterns, helping you address any underlying issues.

How quickly can you process and distribute orders?
Our standard processing time for orders is within 24 hours of receipt.

However, shipping times may vary based on the destination and shipping method chosen.

We work diligently to ensure that all orders are dispatched promptly, aiming for the fastest possible delivery to meet your and your customers' expectations.

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