Why It Makes Sense to Outsource Your Packaging Needs

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Manufacturers and distributors of consumer packaged goods face multiple different challenges. A flexible labour force and production floor are required to adjust to seasonal demand and holiday promotions. These changes cause fluctuating costs throughout the year and can cause headaches to manage.

Contract packaging takes the spotlight when efficiency and effectiveness become the focus of how companies do business. Being able to outsource packagingto professionals provides a wide range of benefits.

What if you could grow your business, improve your packaging and reduce your overheads all at the same time? A contract packager can do just that.

Here’s a summary of some of the key benefits of outsourcing your packaging operations:

Benefit Description
Cost and Operational Efficiency Outsourcing packaging can alleviate business constraints and operational costs. It eliminates the need to split resources between product development and packaging, allowing for a focus on core business activities.
Space Optimisation Outsourcing frees up space in the facility that was previously used for packaging lines, allowing for expansion or diversification of production processes.
Flexibility and Scalability Contract packaging offers flexibility in terms of capacity and resources, especially during periods of increased production or workflow, without the concern of maintaining additional staff and facilities.
Access to Expertise and Facilities Outsourcing provides access to more facilities and expertise not available in-house. This enables businesses to take additional risks and be more creative with their packaging designs.
Creative Design Input Contract packagers bring a fresh perspective and expert view to product design, potentially enhancing the product's appeal and saving time in the design phase.
Time Efficiency Professional contract packagers can improve service efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness, reducing lead-time to market and allowing businesses to move inventory more efficiently.
Business Focus By outsourcing packaging, businesses can focus on their core competencies, promoting growth, improving product quality, and making smarter business decisions.
Long-Term Partnership Potential Contract packaging can be a long-term solution, with contractors understanding the business's operations, products, and needs, which can be tailored over time.

Alleviate business constraints & operational costs

Every business focuses on mitigating and minimising costs where possible. It can be difficult to focus on your product, marketing and strategy whilst having to split resources for packaging. A quality contract packager can fulfil all your packaging processes in their separate facility.

Outsourced packaging is extremely beneficial to companies looking to expand their product lines or look to produce more internally. Imaging removing your packaging lines and passing them over to someone else. That free space can now be used for other processes.

Recurring instances of increased production or workflow can sometimes cause problems for businesses. The need for additional capacity and resources can be mitigated with the use of a contract packager. Partnering with said packager gives you access to them as a resource when you need them, without having to worry about maintenance fees for additional staff and facilities of your own.

Contractors can also provide more facilities and expertise that you don't have access to. This can allow you to take additional risks with future packaging and ideas. Working with experts allows you to bring more creativity to your products, which leads us to our next benefit:

Creative Design input

When working to create designs for your own product, you can sometimes get tunnel visioned on what you've done before or what you know is "safe". Having a contractor present at the design stage can provide a fresh, expert view of your product.

More often than not, this input is exceptionally valuable to companies (we're talking from experience). These ideas can then form custom packaging that immediately resonates with your product. Not only can you achieve this without devoting your own staff and resources, you also save time in the design phase.

Time efficient output

Contract packagers are professional that focus on achieving the best service possible in this industry. They will be experienced and will make businesses decisions that improve their efficiency, service, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Including your contract packager at the early stages not only helps your process but also provides them with adequate time to set up and prepare for the finished product. Once provided, they can begin working on the packaging immediately, reducing the lead-time to market. This also helps you move your inventory more efficiently and can allow you to start work on future projects sooner.

Focus on what you do best

Contract packagers provide a range of benefits as mentioned. However, the most beneficial is that you are able to focus on what you do best.

Splitting resources can halt business growth, affect the quality of products and minimise the ability for a company to make smart business decisions. By removing packaging from in-house, you are able to focus on other areas of the business and improve.

These additional resources can then be put into expanding, improving products and in-house efficiency. Doing so can then put your business in a better position to take more risks with products and cement yourself further in the market.

Short-term Fulfilment, Long-term Partner

What if you could call your contractors when you need them? Well, you can!

Partnering with a contract packager shouldn't be seen as a one time fix, rather, a long-term solution. Involving them early in the project will allow them to get an understanding of how you operate, your product and your needs. Working on the project you will be able to determine if they are right for you.

Here are some key factors to consider when working with a contract packager:

- Availability
- Equipment and Facilities
- Turnaround
- Management Style
- Experience
- Available Space
- Staff experience
- Location
- Certifications
- Overall Communication

At Complete Packaging, we understand that the launch of your product relies on the packaging process. Whether you are a start-up or a fortune 500, the packaging is crucial. Ensuring products hit the shelves on time is important but so is brand perception. We believe your packaging is one of your most valuable assets and marketing tools your company has.

We have taken a continuous learning approach to our business model. Whilst we have the experience to take on any project, evaluating our performance is critical to improving our value. Contract packagers will work to the best practices in the industry, however, each business works differently.

We take continuous steps to increase our workflow, customer satisfaction, the efficiency of delivery and product quality. For our clients, we have implemented a bar code tracking system. This enables each customer to see all the relevant details in relation to their stock levels within our facilities.

Outsourcing your packaging can save you time, resources, space and at the same time, improve your product. Struggling with your current packaging or looking to outsource a future project? Get in touch with us on 01491 832222

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