How do you know you’ve got the best method of shipping your goods?

fulfilment for startups
Before he started Complete, Mark Jones, Co-Founder of Complete Packaging, spent more than 20 years running a number of fulfilment and delivery businesses, all of which involved moving parcels around in some way or another.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • A door to door delivery service throughout Europe
  • Air Freight deliveries Worldwide 
  • A £5 million UK parcel delivery franchise with 4,000 consignments every day 
  • Organising large 40ft containers in sea freight

Now, he has been successfully running, managing and growing Complete Packaging and Fulfilment for over 20 years. The business is a comprehensive fulfilment and delivery service business and offers a wide range of services from pick and pack to global distribution. 

In the last 20 years of successful fulfilment and packaging services at Complete, Mark and his business partner Rob and Jon, the Operations Director, have enhanced the delivery experience of their customers with their expert knowledge and wide range of experience. Their experience ranges across different industry sectors and allows for successful processes across the board. 

For any business, including small businesses and startups, the process behind creating your goods, marketing your business, creating your website, designing your packaging and more are all managed in a visible way. You, as a business owner, understand the processes involved in each of these things and when it comes to packaging can see the physical process. The fulfilment processes, however, the part that gets your goods from A to B is often overlooked and less understood for many business owners. Knowing how to ship your goods is a particular challenge for small businesses and startups that are busy figuring out all the other elements of their business. 

However, this part of the process and the final piece of the jigsaw - what happens to your goods when they leave you or your storage facility, the process of shipping your goods - is crucial. And it doesn’t always get the attention that it needs and deserves. 

All the other elements of your business, creating the perfect product and packaging, making lots of sales and building your brand are all essential but crucially your products have to be delivered on time and safely in order for your business to be a success. As a small business or startup, there’s no point in investing in all the first steps if your customers’ orders are damaged, late or worse they don’t turn up! So, this final element of your business, choosing the right delivery service for your business, must be thought through.

At Complete Packaging, we know the best processes and routes for each business. We’re even experienced in helping small businesses and startups! Thanks to our extensive experience and our knowledge of the fulfilment and courier industry we know how to find the right solution for you. Whether this be a parcel carrier, the Royal Mail, a courier business or a transport partner we know the pros, cons, and details of each one and can match it to your business needs accordingly. For example, let’s say you have lots of heavy items to ship, in this case we might suggest a transport partner as the best option. This sounds straight forward but, to put it simply, there are just so many options. Which is why you need an experience to help you. 

Perhaps you’re currently using Royal Mail but you’re not sure if this is the right route or the most cost-effective solution. Or maybe you’ve got a courier partner already and you’re experiencing issues with your delivery times. Maybe you’re starting out and there’s just too many options to choose from. Whatever the problem, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to enquire. 

Here at Complete we’re experienced with large brands such as Vodafone and Moonpig but also experts in helping ecommerce startups with their fulfilment, so no business is too much of a challenge for us.

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