We are celebrating Litho printing direct to N-Flute board 

Complete Packaging N-Flute Example
N-flute - looks far better than litho-laminated, has far better protection than solid board and it visually excels compared to standard litho!

N-Flute is the finest fluted board on the market and has been specifically engineered to allow for direct litho printing. It is light in weight, offers exceptional protection and has a superior surface for printing thus making it ideal for decorative packaging applications.


It’s perfect for:

·      Boxes and cartons

·     Point of sale

·     Internal carton dividers and trays

·     Mailing cartons

·     Charity collection boxes


And is:

·      More cost effective than litho-laminated

·      Fast turnaround

·      Lightweight

·      High-definition print quality

·      Fully recyclable   


What are N-Fluted boards?

Corrugated cardboards are specified by the type of liner - the surface sheet on each side and the flute type - the wavy part in the middle. Flute types are defined by their thickness and the number of flutes per lineal foot. 

The thinner the flute is the lighter the packaging is since the flute requires less paper. The thicker the flute is the more protection and insulation is provided to the product.


N-flute is eco-friendly

N-flute is very popular with companies that are concerned about sustainability and their carbon footprint. This is because the board offers far less fibre consumption, it’s lighter in packaging, even saving on postage, and even the smaller volume of the packaged good for warehousing and transportation and still provides excellent protection for the product. This is especially good for goods requiring both particular care and elegant packaging.

In the food, beverage, toy, fashion, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, N-type micro-flutes are becoming a material of choice because of their enhanced printability and folding capabilities whilst still offering rigid packaging.

Since N-Flute cardboards have a much larger number of flutes per foot, they allow more accurate folding operations and more elegant finished products.


Specifications (Warning: Tech speak)

190Y 125W N – Our most popular material. This is a white sheet coated for print quality (clay coated) on one side and a white kraft paper on the reverse – ideal for litho printing, used as alternative for heavyweight carton boards for shelf ready packaging, cartons and charity collection boxes

190Y 150K N – This is a premium product with a white sheet coated for print quality (clay coated) on one side and a brown kraft paper on the reverse – ideal for mailing cartons and shelf ready packaging

150K 150K N  - This has an uncoated kraft paper on both sides which creates an natural look to a printed product –ideal for eco-friendly packaging


We can also offer different barriers for food applications with moisture/grease resistance.  Different coated and uncoated options are available for fitments and cartons as well as dyed liners.Please talk to us if you have a specific requirement.


If you require a sample, or want to talk about your packaging needs, do get in touch!

April 16, 2020
Mark Jones
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