About us

Nothing about Complete is standard.

We are a one stop business for all types of fulfilment and packaging.

When Rob and Mark embarked on starting Complete some twenty four years ago, it was born from a very simple philosophy;

They treat every customer in the way they would want to be treated themselves.

Rob had a wealth of packaging experience before Complete was created. Mark had run many fulfilment & distribution operations.

By the time Complete was born, the foundations were already solid for all the services the company was about to embark on. Not that complicated, but if we're all honest it's not the typical experience we get in all business relationships.

Sam Jones

Commercial Sales

Sam joined the business in a Commercial role during 2021.

Having attained a Business Degree, he had a couple of new sales roles as his first introductions to the commercial world. Prior to University, Sam had worked in a range of roles at Complete in his holidays – from the warehouse, to working with various fulfilment teams in the company

The general disruption many faced with Covid threw up a great opportunity for Complete to be in a position to offer Sam a permanent role- closely working to re-invent the business in its approach to attracting new clients.

In the time since…… it has been a fantastic success- he has the right understanding of the culture and philosophy of Complete. Crucial to any business!

Plus the ideal personality in understanding what makes the ideal customer that is a good fit for both client and our business

In short- he really cares.

Mark Jones

Managing Director

Coming from a background of running transport & fulfilment businesses since his early 20's – Mark's primary objective was to ensure his skills complimented those of Rob's.

One of the first things Mark wanted to introduce to add to the packaging knowledge was the logical addition of promoting fulfilment as a core in-house service. The two go hand in hand.

In the first year, Complete picked up the rather significant account of Vodafone (they couldn't quite believe it either) . Fast forward three years and Complete now had a new warehouse, more staff – and a solid credibility to deliver on time for one of the industry's more demanding companies! Many years on hundreds of businesses have trusted their fulfilment needs to Complete based on this strong reputation.

More than 25 years on Mark still has the same energy and enthusiasm as he did then.

Since being an integral part of the Goldman Sachs Business Alumni, Mark has adopted many of the skills to help take the business to the next level.

As a result of the Programme, he`s now been added to the Mentor Team of Goldman Sachs to help nurture, support and develop start-ups and growing business.

Rob White

Managing Director

With an extensive sales career prior to forming Complete, Rob has always been a customer focused person with a very strong track record.
He loves the challenge of ensuring each and every customer receives the most creative, and fit for purposes packaging for their particular needs - however big or small the project.

When creating the business the mantra was always to listen, absorb and then make sure the customer always gets more than they would expect.
After over 25 years it would seem the basic principal was a good one.