2021 packaging trends

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We've got all the 2021 packaging trends that you need to know about...

As we enter the start of 2021, the world looks very different to how it did this time last year. The events of 2020 have shaped the way we buy and sell products, with ecommerce having an exponential boom and customers adopting new expectations for the products they receive. In 2021, then, we shall see this reflected in packaging design trends. The need for higher quality packaging to both protect products and impress customers is paramount. Bold, abstract designs along with brand storytelling will be prominent and sustainability isn’t going anywhere.

2021 packaging trends:

  1. High quality experience
  2. Protective packaging 
  3. Vintage inspired packaging 
  4. Bold, abstract designs
  5. Brand storytelling
  6. Sustainable materials

High quality experience for customers

In 2020, as the pandemic swept across the world, countries were put into lockdowns and physical shops were shut for months on end. This meant that ecommerce boomed. More people have been online shopping than ever before, and many intend to continue to do even after lockdowns are lifted. This means, then, that the expectations of customers has adapted and shifted with many comparisons to make, the desire for highly quality packaging experiences has also grown. 

Protective packaging

The rise in ecommerce has also meant that more packages than ever are being shipped out to consumers. This means fulfilment services are busy and delivery times are tight, as a result it’s more important than ever to ensure that your packaging protects your items effectively. Rather than focusing on the aesthetic of the package, we expect more people to focus on getting them shipped as safely as possible in the coming months (although, we don’t believe you have to sacrifice the look and feel for the safety of your items). 

Vintage inspired packaging 

Vintage inspired packaging has been around for a while, but we’re expecting to see a lot more of it in 2021. As Burger King goes back to its first ever logo and many brands are looking back to look forward we are seeing a resurgence of old school packaging designs. Be this previous designs for big brands or a mimic of a former period, it’s going to be very popular. 

Bold, abstract designs

As well as vintage inspired packaging we’re expecting to see some bold, abstract designs in packaging this year. Catching your consumers eyes is important, with a crowded market in many industries standing out from the crowd is important. Also in the age of Instagram and social media, having artistic designs on your packaging can encourage customers to share their items online. 

Brand storytelling

As we’ve said before, you can really harness the marketing potential of your packaging, and this includes telling your brand’s story. We expect that this will become a more popular option this year as people will continue to find innovative ways to reach their customers with less brick and mortar stores. It seems like a strange concept to be able to tell your story with your packaging, but think outside the box (no pun intended). Think about how much space you might have on your packaging, could you give some information about your brand? Or maybe you could direct them to your social handles or website? Stand out from the crowd and shout about how great you are!

Sustainable materials

Mirroring the last few years, sustainability isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it will come back into focus for many brands this year. We expect there to be a plethora of exciting, innovative sustainable options for brands to use as it becomes more important for consumers to only use brands with a focus on eco-friendly supply chains - which means overhauling any packaging that isn’t sustainable. We have written all about some of the eco-friendly packaging options that are popular and easily accessible so go and check it out for some ideas.

As we enter another new year and we’ve got another set of packaging trends, it is important to think about what you want to do with your packaging, what story you want it to tell about your business. Are you innovative, exciting and up to date with the latest trends? Do you want to give your customers the best possible experience with high quality and protective packaging? Perhaps you want to harness the marketing potential of your packaging? Looking at the packaging design trends can help inspire but ultimately you need to do what suits you and your business. Feel free to get in touch with us here at Complete Packaging should you want some help and advice, we offer a comprehensive range of packaging and fulfilment services

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