Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco friendly packaging
It is not longer just a ‘fad’ to produce eco-friendly packaging but rather a necessity for many brands and businesses. There is an overwhelming sense of need to ensure that we reduce our waste and consequently our impact on the environment as a society. We often have brands coming to us asking for help with eco-friendly packaging. Sometimes brands think that there is no way to improve their packaging so that it is more sustainable. However, we believe there is always a way. Our expertise can help you find the right eco packaging solution for your products.

Why is it important to use eco-friendly packaging?

The terrifying reality of climate change is looming over our everyday lives. Reducing our waste and its impact on the environment is one of the fundamental ways to help this. Because of this, it is often essential for many consumers that the brand they buy from use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Recyclable packaging

One of the most obvious ways you can make your packaging more eco friendly is by making it recyclable. Recyclable packaging is very easy to create and use but often people get it very wrong. Elements like plastic linings and mixed materials can make packaging immediately non-recyclable but this is often overlooked in the design. Just by using cardboard it doesn’t mean that your packaging is immediately able to be recycled. 

For example, often the tape you choose to use on your boxes and packaging can immediately make them non recyclable. If you use things such as gum tape you can make it much easier and straight forward for your customer to recycle your packaging.

Using corrugated boxes and choosing paper void fills are some of the many ways you can ensure that customers can always recycle your packaging. Some plastics can be recycled but not all so it’s important to be very aware, particularly if you are choosing plastic void fills. Also, another top tip, adding small reminders for your customers to recycle their packaging can increase the number of people who bother! It’s easy to forget and bung it all in the same bin...

Reusable packaging

Another way that you can ensure your packaging is more eco friendly is by ensuring that it has a reusable purpose. If you provide your customers with a high end box or container to package your products it means that it is likely to be reused and repurposed and is therefore more sustainable and better for the environment. Unfortunately this is likely to be a more expensive option but for higher ticket items or for customers that you want to impress (i.e. first time customers or very loyal ones) you can easily create something that they can reuse time and time again. 


Along similar lines, creating refillable packaging is a great way of creating more eco-friendly packaging. Many reputable brands have done this with their products and made them very successful. The idea is that you provide customers with a long lasting container, let’s say for example it’s hand soap, this long lasting container can then be refilled using bulkier and larger orders, meaning there is less waste! Simples really! Many brands also decide to give customers discount for returning containers that brands can they recycle effectively. 

Biodegradable materials 

Another material option is to choose something that is biodegradable. Nowadays there are many plastics and cardboards that are biodegradable and are therefore much better for the environment. There are even some incredible paper materials that you can use for liquid items, such as the materials that this company produces.

Think outside the box

Pardon the pun but eco-friendly packaging doesn’t have to be a cardboard box, there are many innovative ways to make sure your packaging is sustainable. There are new materials, new designs and new ideas every day - the difficult part is finding what’s right for you and your product. At the end of the day you still want your item to reach your customer safely and to have a high quality finish.

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of choices there are, get in touch with us at Complete Packaging today. We know how to find the right eco packaging for your products and ensure that your items are still packaged to the highest quality.

April 27, 2020
Mark Jones
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