Free Standing Display Units (FDSU) in flagship HMV stores.

  • Industry
    Audio Electronics
  • Location
    Hanover, Germany
  • Company Size
    1,001 - 5,000

Sennheiser came to us and asked us to help them with their floor standing display units (FSDU) to promote their headphone range in the flagship HMV stores across the UK. Free standing display units (FSDU) are usually point of sale displays that stand freely on their own and are often made of cardboard. Similar terms and products include CDU, which stands for counter display unit and Dump Bin, that holds brochures of catalogues, both of which are point of sale displays that are often used interchangeably with the term FSDU. Here at Complete Packaging our creativity and practical solutions mean that we can provide our clients with the best possible solutions such as the FSDU we created for Sennheiser.

When Sennheiser came to us with this project we designed and created the FSDU and then supplied Sennheiser with a visual prototype. This was created using CAD (computer aided design) technology. This was used to make any amendments without having to actually produce the FSDU which meant that we saved a lot of time in the production stage and also enabled Sennheiser to make as many amendments as they wanted without too much effort. Once the final amendments were made and everybody was happy with the final design, we produced the 20 units.

Sennheiser then asked Complete Packaging if it would be possible for the units to arrive in the stores already stocked. So, we received the stock and filled the units to the exact specification that Sennheiser had asked for. We then protected all the stock with bubble wrap and placed a strong hood over the whole unit. These were then strapped securely to pallets. We then arranged the delivery of all 20 units.

This was an important element of the FSDU that needed to be fulfilled for our client so we came up with the best possible solution and delivered all the goods safely. In fact, all 20 free standing display units arrived in perfect condition. The client was very impressed with both how good the units looked and that all stock arrived in good time and condition. We are very proud of the FSDU work we did for Sennheiser, fulfilling all the clients needs and requirements to the highest quality.

This is just one of the many examples we could give you at Complete Packaging about our high-quality work and design we have delivered. We offer a range of packaging and fulfilment services, so whatever your business needs, get in touch and we can work together towards a solution.