Fulfilment FAQs for Start-ups. Have any other questions? Ask us.

What are order fulfilment services?
Fulfilment services are often provided by third parties that prepare and ship your orders for you. They do everything from receiving and processing the order to organising delivery and returns, they do the order fulfilment for you.
What is third party logistics? | What is a 3PL?
A third party logistics provider is a company that provides fulfilment services. They receive, pick, pack, and deliver orders on behalf of a company. They are various different roles a 3PL can play in a company’s fulfilment process, from packaging to delivery and returns.
What do fulfilment services cost?
The cost of fulfilment services depends on the business and its needs. Here at Complete Packaging & Fulfilment we offer a bespoke service, tailored to you and your business so it is impossible to give a standardised answer to this. However, rest assured that outsourcing your fulfilment saves you money in the long run.
When should you outsource fulfilment?
There's no standard moment for outsourcing order fulfilment, but if your delivery standards are slipping, your costs are rising or you're in the process of scaling-up your business, it could be the right time.

Sometimes, you just need to have a conversation with a professional, and we’re always happy to chat so do get in touch. We help many startups flourish and actually offer a bespoke startup package.
Can I keep track of my stock using a 3PL?
Part of the responsibility of a 3PL or fulfilment services is to ensure that your inventory is managed accurately and efficiently, this involves making sure you know what you need to know and quickly. Depending on the set up of your services, you are able to keep track in a variety of ways.
Are returns included in fulfilment services?
Yes! And actually they are a very important part of the process. Ensuring that your customers are satisfied continues right up to the return process and it is vital that any returns are processed quickly and efficiently to keep your customers happy.
Is my business too small for fulfilment services?
The short answer to this is no! Get in touch with us today to see how we might be able to help, regardless of the size of your business.
My orders fluctuate over seasons, is this a problem?
Absolutely not. In fact, this is exactly why you should think about using fulfilment services as they offer the flexibility required in order to manage this without too many additional costs.