How to choose the right packaging and fulfilment company for your business

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Choosing a packaging and fulfilment provider can be an overwhelming process but it is worth it to get the right one. Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask the questions

Once you’ve decided that you want to outsource your packaging and fulfilment to a 3PL, it is important to find the right one. However, this is no easy task and might require a bit of guidance to get right. And it is important to get this decision right because your packaging and fulfilment can be make or break for your customer service. Late or delayed delivery times can be very frustrating to customers and damaging to your brand and high-quality packaging can make all the difference to brand perceptions. How, then, do you find the right company for you and your business?

Ensure all services are provided

Every business is different and has different requirements for their products. The first piece of advice we would give you is that always make sure that your chosen 3PL offers all the services that you need. Most companies offer a comprehensive service but equally, most companies have areas that they specialise in. So, just be sure to clarify all your needs and requirements and make sure that the 3PL can provide everything you might need now and in the future! You don’t want to be changing fulfilment providers too frequently.

Do lots of research

In order to establish which company might offer the best services for you it is imperative that you do your research. Don’t just settle on the first company you see but look around and see who’s out there. Ask questions and see what each company can do for you. It’s not a light decision and we cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research on different packaging and fulfilment companies available.

Think about location of fulfilment centres

As well as checking that the offered services suit your specific needs you will want to look at the location of the company’s fulfilment centres: are they close enough to your customers? Delivery times are such a crucial and essential part of a business, so it is important to limit the potential for long delivery times and delayed in every way possible. If the fulfilment centres and warehouses of your chosen 3PL are conveniently located, this can be very beneficial to your business so it is worth considering (and also worth actually asking the question!).

Delivery times are important

Also linked to delivery times, it is important to understand the 3PL’s shipping process and details about their shipping partners. Understanding information about the shipping process can help you to decide whether the service will be efficient enough for you. Whilst handing your packaging and fulfilment over to a 3PL means you don’t have to think about all these details, it is important to understand them in the decision process to ensure you are getting the best possible company for you.

Pricing plays a role

We would also recommend that you think about pricing when deciding on your 3PL. You have got to find a company that fit in your budget requirements. But it also important to understand that cheaper is not always better. The packaging and fulfilment process is so essential the success of your business that you must always choose the right option for you, even if this means spending a little more money. Think about your specific requirements, the location, and the quality of the services they offer before you say yes or no just because of price.

Don’t ignore scalability

When choosing your packaging and fulfilment provider, you need to ensure that you don’t just think about your current situation but also the potential future of your business. Will your chosen provider be able to support your predicted and potential growth? Or even better, can they help facilitate this growth by helping you think of innovative and creative ideas for your packaging which in turn increases the quality of your product sold? It’s important to understand how your 3PL can not just help you with your existing criteria but also help you grow.

Examples of their work

Lastly, can they provide impressive examples of their previous work so you can be sure of the service you are going to receive? Asking for recent case studies can help you to understand the potential of a selected 3PL and also give you inspiration about what you might be able to achieve.

Choosing a packaging and fulfilment provider can be an overwhelming process but it is worth it to get the right one. Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask the questions you need to ask. If you are interested in our services, we’d be happy to help and chat to you about our services and our process and see if we’d be a good fit for your and your company. We strive to ensure that all our packaging is creative and innovative and that our fulfilment processes are efficient and secure.

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