How outsourcing your fulfilment can help in a crisis

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The only immediate question we'd like to ask is “Do you have a sound Plan B for your business”?

No one could predict the current decisions and choices many businesses are now faced with.

The only immediate question we'd like to ask is “Do you have a sound Plan B for your business”

As brick and mortar stores are having to close for the safety of the nation, the world is turning towards eCommerce to back fill demand.

Businesses need to quickly adapt in order to survive in these unprecedented times, a situation that nobody could predict. It is at these times that outsourcing your fulfilment can be a lifeline and a viable option for businesses forced to transition into ecommerce, or an expansion of existing provisions, earlier and quicker than perhaps anybody expected. We have frequently and consistently gone from a backup to first choice and primary option for many of our clients over time.

Outsourcing your fulfilment now can be a lifeline. There is no need to invest in massive spaces and delivery contracts to make sure you can get your products to your customers if you can hire a 3PL to organise this for you. We understand the sensitivity of the situation and we’re here to help. Here are some ways that outsourcing your fulfilment can help during these times.

You can expand as much as you like

We have huge premises for your stock and so you don’t need to worry about ordering a much larger amount. You can therefore ensure that you are meeting all your customers needs and demands.

A 3PL is fast and efficient

Due to the fact that packaging and fulfilment companies are experts at what they do, they are really fast and really efficient. The technology and practices we adopt means that your deliveries are sent out much more quickly than your average in-house fulfilment operations. During the current times, this can mean you reach your customers and new ones when they need you most.

Stock control is easy

The advanced technology used to track your goods and orders means you can accurately control your stock. There’s no need to over or under order because you will also have an accurate and immediate understanding of how much stock is available to you. Keeping up to date can minimise any disruption to your customers demands.

You can focus on all core activities

Keeping your business afloat during these times can be challenging. If you outsource your fulfilment, it means you can focus on all the other important parts of your business, we can at least take some of the stress away.

We can tailor to you

We understand that your needs might not might not be the same in 6 or 12 months time, or even next week. But rest assured, we can tailor to your needs and requirements. We’re here to help with our effective and immediate solutions.

You can keep costs down

Now is not the time for big outlays, but outsourcing your packaging and fulfilment actually saves you time and money [link to the blog on that], so it can help you manage this in the long run.

We’re here to help

It would be safe to share that most customers now with us, had us as a back-up or secondary supplier. Over time, we have worked to show our worth as their primary choice – not something you can always plan or legislate for.

Here at Complete Packaging and Fulfilment we have been helping clients meet their fulfilment needs for over 20 years. With our expertise we can help any business out in this situation. Are you worried about the current situation? Do you want to find out how we can help? Get in touch with us today to find out more. The owners of Complete Packaging, Mark & Rob, would welcome the opportunity to begin the process by speaking to you personally to start the discussion

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